The Evaluation Process

When you call to make an appointment you will be scheduled for four visits. The first one is the intake session, which consists of a diagnostic interview with Dr. Brett Leimkuhler. During this visit he will take a clinical history in order to gain an accurate understanding of the current difficulties and to define the goals of the evaluation.

The next two visits comprise the formal assessment. The longer testing day consists of a morning session, followed by a one-hour lunch break, and an afternoon session. On this day the tests are administered by one of three highly trained, Master's level psychometrists on staff. The lunch break is scheduled between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m. There are no cafeteria facilities on site, but there are a number of restaurants within easy walking or driving distance in downtown Wakefield. The shorter testing day is a two-hour session with Dr. Leimkuhler.

The fourth and final session is the feedback meeting. During this visit Dr. Leimkuhler will review the results of the evaluation and discusses the findings in detail. At this time he outlines the treatment plan, makes specific recommendations, and provides referrals.


You will receive a confirmation letter prior to your first appointment. We can mail the questionnaires you are required to complete, or you can download and print the questionnaires(s) using the link below. It is important that you fill out these questionnaires completely and thoroughly, and bring them to the first visit.

A parent must complete the Parent questionnaire for children under 18, and are encouraged to complete it for older children as well. Parents of children in elementary, middle, or high school must also have the child's teachers complete the appropriate teacher forms. Patients who are 18 and older must complete the Adult questionnaire. Law students and medical students must also complete the additional questionnaire at the end of the list.



All patients are required to attend the intake session regardless of age. Individuals who are under 18 or still in high school must be accompanied by at least one parent. Individuals over 18 are encouraged to come with a parent, spouse, sibling, or other close relative who can provide additional history and perspective. Individuals who are over 18 and have significant developmental or cognitive disabilities must be accompanied by a parent or family member. Children 12 and under are not required to attend the feedback session, but all patients over 12 must attend.


Students are required to provide current and past grade reports, standardized test scores, and copies of their IEP, 504 Plan, PLP, or other specialized learning programs. We also require all reports from previous psychological, neuropsychological, or psycho-educational evaluations, including testing done at school. If there is any relevant medical, psychiatric, or neurological history, patients are requested to bring available records as well as the names of their providers.